The New Wave Of Books: WATTPAD

Image from Facebook.

Hey guys! Good morning. Buenos Dias. Buongiorno. Dobre Utra. Bom Dia. Habari Asubuhi. Ina Kwana.

Lolzz! Today my polyglot side kicked up! Drama Queen!

Today I’m writing about Wattpad. Yes Wattpad! The Wattpad we all love. The Wattpad that helps us get through our rough and tough patches/times.

For those who don’t know what Wattpad is, (and I’m sure there are) here goes:

Wattpad is an app used for reading and writing stories. It has it’s app which can be downloaded on Android or IOS, or Windows phones. It also has a website which can be used for both reading and writing. It was created in 2006 (can you believe it? WHAT! Our Wattpad is 13 years old.) On Wattpad, you can read tons of stories, OR write tons of stories, OR both all for FREE. I’m a big time bookie, so I remember when I started using Wattpad. In my state, some few radio stations actually read novels in my language (Hausa). So I was obsessed with books at a rather young age. When I went to study at college, I left my city and so couldn’t listen to the books on the radio. That was when I researched effortlessly on sites to read novels. I found quite a few. But Wattpad stayed in my heart forever❀❀❀.

The thing about Wattpad is that it is unique in its own way. Classical and exciting. You can read books of any genre right there! The interface is mind-blowing and recently, Wattpad began a new programme called Wattpad Next.

You see, Wattpad Next is not a different app. No. It’s still in the Wattpad app. Few writers were chosen for it. In Wattpad Next, the books of those writers chosen would be bought using Wattpad coins after reading few chapters for free. I saw some complaints, as usual, because most readers on Wattpad are youngsters who don’t have enough money to pay for a book. I totally get that.

Personally, I think this new innovation is amazing! I mean, I have seen writers struggle for years on Wattpad, trying to make their stories which are incredible get noticed. I know it’s hard, exhausting and tiring. So Wattpad Next would be great for writers to see how their work is loved by readers and also to support them in their lives.

Few months ago, Wattpad introduced Wattpad Books, their own publishing company. How super awesome is that! I’m totally amazed and impressed by Wattpad. It’s my best reading app.

To all those writers out there, I applause you for your immense efforts. Don’t give up. Keep working harder. And be patient. The sky is your limit.


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