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Book Review: The Girls of Cemetary Road by Twyla Ellis

Title: The Girls of Cemetery Road: Book 2 of The Ghosts of Big Thicket

Author: Twyla Ellis

Publishers:  Zimbell House Publishing

Genre: Horror Fiction

Published: August, 25, 2020

ISBN: 9781643901879


There was something very dark about Kitrina Katim’s part of the Big Thicket. It had taken Libby, one of Kit’s best friends, in the dark of night when Kit was just a girl. Kit couldn’t imagine leaving her life and her best friends, the Sisterhood of Cemetery Road. But leave them, she did. And she did not return until ten years later when she was forced back to sell her parent’s house.

Nothing had changed, including Mad Maddie McPhearson, who lived down the road, always sitting on her front porch, always trying to make Kit’s life miserable. Miss Maddie, an angry, elderly woman, owned Bellewood, an old plantation house that was crumbling around her. Kit’s attempts at kindness only fed the old woman’s hatred. But Kit didn’t understand why. Not then anyway.

It was that hatred that awakened dark voices in the Thicket and threatening figures that terrified Kit. Was it Libby? Had she come back to them? Or was it something else, something horrifyingly familiar?

Would it be the Sisterhood, or handsome Colton and his brother, Jackson, who would come to Kit’s side when the time came to do battle with the dark forces that were slowly overtaking the Big Thicket?

Or would Kit have to settle old scores all by herself?

This is actually the book 2 in the series, The Ghosts of Big Thicket. Where was I when the book 1 was out? I have no idea! I’m definitely checking out the book 1 and subsequent instalments in the series too.

The book opens up promising. The MC Kit Katim is a down to earth girl who is part of a sisterhood – a collection of four girls from the Cemetery road, which is a neighbourhood in a small bubbly town. One night, one of the girls disappears and that changes the Thicket forever. Kit relocates to the city, and after many years, finally returns. Things have changed, new people around, but still the same old atmosphere. She quickly reconnects with her old girlfriends, and her former boyfriend.

Now, this book is supposed to be a horror, but honestly I didn’t feel the vibe there. Imma say it’s more like a romantic-suspense-mystery book coupled with Faith. Lots of Faith. Some mysterious things occur, sending Kit into a terrified state. She starts seeing a shadow outside her house, and becomes very disturbed. Tying to change her past mistakes, she befriends the neighbourhood’s grumpy old lady, Mad Maddie McPhearson. I think this is major highlight of the book. It changes everything, Kit’s friendship with this lady opens the door for all the secrets to unfold.

I love the characters of the book. Kit, her two friends, all have distinct personalities. Bree, the bubbly vibrant girl whom I like best, and her other friend who is more tough-ish and all. The book has an oldies vibe, and I think that made it quite different. Mad Maddie’s life when she was younger is shown, and I felt nostalgic thinking of the pretty, vibrant lady full of life. There were lots of secrets that she took to the grave, some of which Kit guessed.

There weren’t too much characters and it was fast paced. There was mention of ghosts but I don’t think I understood who the ghosts were.

After Kit moves in to Mad Maddie’s house, things take a drastic turn. Weird stuff begins to happen, and at a point, Kit couldn’t live alone in the house. I think this was the climax in the book, where the real ghost horror was supposed to be happening. I didn’t feel any chills reading it TBH.

The arrival of her son, who was living in the wood was painful for me. Seeing how he lived his entire life, and suffered at the end was overwhelming. He didn’t deserve that. The other son was horrible. I’m glad he was arrested at the end.  Like I said, the book has a lot of Faith theme. That kind of – what’s meant to happen will happen, when somethings happens there’s always a reason behind it and prayer is the solution to every problem. The arrival of 2 sisters help a lot, giving advice to kit, and overshadowing the evil presence In the house. It was the happiest ending ever in a book, full of weddings, smiles and fulfilment.

If you’re a fan of Southern Fiction that is filled with suspense and crime, I think this might just be the book for you.

Twyla Ellis is a descendant of pioneers who came to Texas in the 1840s. She grew up roaming the dense pine forests in the Big Thicket around Livingston, Texas near the homes of her grandmother and great-aunts and uncles. Her family was one of the founding families of Livingston, and her great-great-great grandfather was the first city treasurer in the eighteen-forties. She fell in love with the lush flora and fauna and the haunting feel of the Thicket, its sounds and sights and smells. The House on Camp Ruby Road is the first in a series of independent novels set in the Big Thicket of deep East Texas, under the banner of “Ghosts of the Big Thicket”, which will all have a Southern Gothic bent.


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