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Not My Mother by Miranda Smith: Book Review @bookouture @Netgalley #BookReview #BookBlogger

Hiii bibliophiles. How’s your week going? Today’s post is on a book I recently read on Netgalley. It’s a twisted psychological book full of suspense. This is THE BOOK for all the mystery lovers. Check it out!

Title: Not My Mother

Author: Miranda Smith

Publication Date: March 2021

What if the person you trust most in the world is lying to you?⁣
I’d heard of the Baby Caroline case, of course. When a baby is snatched from her mother’s arms, the whole country knows about it. I knew about the parents left lying by the swimming pool, the open window in the nursery. But I never dreamed it had anything to do with me.⁣
Today, my beautiful daughter turned one. We were unwrapping gifts and blowing out candles when the knock came at the door, and they took my mother away.⁣
The police say she’s not really my mother. That she stole me, thirty years ago.⁣
When I visit her, desperate for answers, she looks me in the eye, and says nothing. I can barely breathe. Is my whole life a lie?⁣

Thank you Netgalley, Bookotoure and Miranda Smith for this arc copy. ⁣
What would you do if your mother was not your mother? ⁣
At a perfect birthday party, with few friends, everything’s going well, when all of a sudden, police sirens are heard blaring outside. They barge in with an arrest warrant and handcuff your mother. You come to know that they believe your mother stole you years ago. What would you believe? ⁣
That is Marion’s story. A laid back, normal life before it was shattered in a day. The hunt for the truth begins. Many questions arise. Mom who she has known all her life isn’t exactly her mom. But a killer who murdered her real father and knocked down her biological mother before running off with her. ⁣
Are what the cops saying the truth? Who is lying? This was full of suspense and it left me guessing throughout. I love the characters especially Marion, Eileen who is a strong lady that had to sacrifice a lot for her daughter. Their friends Carmen and Des were interesting characters as well. ⁣

This book was flustered with secrets! Like literally every character is hiding something. There were few characters so it made a really engaging read and understandable one. The chapters rotate between different characters and 2 timelines – the past and the present, giving us an insight on Eileen and Amelia’s past because we see the past in their POVs. I highly recommend checking out this book. Just know one thing: You will be going on a rollercoaster ride of emotions and feelings.



Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


Miranda Smith writes psychological and domestic suspense. She is drawn to stories about ordinary people in extraordinary situations. Before completing her first novel, she worked as a newspaper staff writer and a secondary English teacher. She lives in East Tennessee with her husband and three young children.

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