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Vile Obsession by Precious Oreoluwa Ayomide

 Hello guys. I’m back with a review of one of my faves 😍 My incredible friend is the author, so yeah, I’m allowed to be proud.

Book Title: Vile Obsession

Genre: Melodrama, Prose, Romance

Year: 2021


“Way to go. Rub your money in my face and all over my car because money works where good manners does not. I will have you understand that I am a lawyer and I can have you sued for destruction of properties and assault. I am tired of men like you in this country. Selfish and egomaniac. Control freaks and bad mannered. There should be a public program called Teaching Grownup Men Manners in Nigeria. It would cost you absolutely nothing to apologize and admit that you are wrong.”

George Million had been living the perfect life… for two years. The doctor said he had low possibility of regaining his memory because they were too painful for him- for he had forgotten his whole existence and that could only mean his whole life was based on pain. When he resigned to fate, he met the obnoxious and rude Emmanuella Bamidele who had seen everything there is to life. But just how possible is it to bring a dead man back to life?

I love love this book! The perfect mystery book to keep you on your toes. From the start i was immersed in Emma’s story. I was like, what is going on? It’s obvious there are secrets about her that we don’t know yet. But what?! The plot is impeccably written, each chapter going in a steady pace full of suspense.

Emma, the MC is a strong lady with a very mysterious past. Even though she’s  nice, she’s always trying to appear as a nonchalant person. I love the flashbacks between the chapters. It gives us an insight into the characters lives. And an idea into who the mysterious George is.

The characters each have their own strengths and flaws. My fav are Emma and George. They’re so cute together and I feel they compliment each other. Though it won’t be easy for them due to the obstacles they’re facing. Another character I like is the villain 🙈 He’s so smart, cunning and sooooo handsome 😍 This is the perfect book to read when you’re craving for an awesome fast paced Thriller.

The author Precious Oreoluwa Ayomide is a new writer who mesmerizes her fans with her witty dialogues, hot fiery characters, and heart stopping, intriguing plots.

You can follow her on her Social Media for updates and sneek peek on her books.

Vile Obsession is available on Bambooks, Pabpub, Steller and Okadabooks. Kindly check it out!

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