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The Stalker By Sarah Alderson – Book Review

Hola todos. ¿Que tal?  Espero que bien.

I’m taking a break from writing so that I can finish all my Arcs and Alhamdulillah so far, so good.Today’s post is a review of a Netgalley arc I got last month. Hope you like this post. And don’t forget to tell me what you think about this book in the comments section below.

Book Title: The Stalker

Author: Sarah Alderson

Genre: Mystery, Suspense, Psychological Fiction, Domestic Fiction, Holiday fiction

Publisher: Avon

Publication Date: 8th July 2021

Pages: 368


Two newlyweds. One remote island. It was meant to be the perfect escape…

Newly-weds Liam and Laura are spending their honeymoon in paradise: just the two of them on a remote island off the coast of Scotland.

 But they soon discover that all is not as it seems, and the island has a tragic past. And they can’t shake the feeling of being watched…

When one morning, they wake to find a message scratched into the window, their worst fears are confirmed.

They aren’t alone on the island. And this stranger wants them dead

but it became the perfect nightmare

This is the best thriller I’ve read this year! It’s so full of suspense and surprises. At the beginning, Liam and Laura seem like the happiest couple ever. They are so cute, funny, loving and amazing together.

This book had me on edge from the moment Laura talked to the guy at the canteen. I felt something fishy about the whole Island. But as usual, Liam refused to listen and on they went to the mansion. There are a lot of lies, betrayals, twists and turns from the start to the finish.

I love the way the theme of domestic violence was incorporated. At first, it wouldn’t seem obvious. But towards the end it’s so clearly visible. It had been there the whole time!

For me, I was shocked. It got me saying, oh, no wonder!The abuse isn’t just a small part of the book. We see the effects, and the consequences. I was so hyper when Laura finally decided to take a step and dealt with him. That was amazing!

This is a fast paced book with an excellent plot. There are very few characters but it still got me so intrigued i almost finished reading in one sitting. I was flabbergasted by the ending. OMG. TOTAL SHOCK.

The flashbacks only made the whole plot turn upside down. It was very unbelievable. But to be honest, I love the twist.

I haven’t read any book by this author before, but after reading this book, I’m proud to say that I have already added her other books to my TBR. Can’t wait to read more mind-twisting thrillers!

Much thanks to Netgalley, Avon and Sarah Alderson for this amazing Arc copy.



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