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At Home By The Sea by Pam Weaver: Book Review

Title: At Home By The Sea

Author: Pam Weaver

Genre: Historical Fiction, Historical Romance, Family Saga, Coming-of-age Story, Domestic Fiction

Publisher: Avon

Published: July 8 2021

Pages: 400


A moving, heartwarming saga, perfect for fans of Katie Flynn.

Can a second chance heal their broken family?

Since their mother walked out on them as children, Izzieโ€™s taken responsibility for her younger sister, Linda. And when their fatherโ€™s temper flares up, Izzie knows the girls are better off on their own.
ย ย 
But when a handsome Italian chef moves to Worthing and offers Izzie a job in his cafe, she is forced to choose between her responsibilities and her desires. Then her mother resurfaces, and Izzie discovers thereโ€™s more to her abandonment than meets the eye.ย 
ย ย 
Will Izzie be able to come to terms with the past in order to pursue the future she deserves?

A gripping and emotional family drama from theย Sunday Timesย bestselling author, perfect for fans of Katie Flynn and Rosie Clarke.

This is a warm story about love, betrayal, family, and internal healing.
I believe the family in this book could have been happy but the father’s attitude – his hate ruined everything.

It all started in 1940 when 12 years old Izzie overheard her parents arguments. In that late-night, her mother ran out. And never returned. She was taken to a mental institution shortly after that.

As for Izzie and her sister Linda, things changed. They were taken to their grandparents house on a farm where they lived for a short time. Then they were brought back to the city by their father.

I adore Izzieโ€™s character. I believe she’s a strong and smart girl. Even when her father stopped her from continuing her education she worked, earning some money which she used to enroll in a school. The attitude of her dad and sister were so annoying I felt it was better for her to leave the house. They would leave all the chores for her and she didn’t complain. It was just too much. She also fought hard on her own, before landing a job at a fancy restaurant owned by an Italian, Mr Semandini ๐Ÿ˜
Her finally summing up the courage to search for her mother was marvellous. At last, she heard her mother’s side of the story.

As for Linda, I think the hatred she had bubbled inside due to her mom’s disappearance made her sort of angry and hardened inside. She lied, shoplifted, made bad friends and decisions.

At last, I love the ending. It was incredible! The perfect ending except for the fact that the rapist didn’t get what he deserved.
As for Izzie, she found her prince charming whom I completely adore. Her mom had found someone amazing and her dad has changed drastically. He realized that his attitude brought them nothing but misfortune.

This is my first Pam Weaver book, but I’ve already added her other books to my TBR!

Much thanks to Netgalley, Avon and the author for this ARC copy.

And that’s it for today, guys. Till next time. Don’t forget to like, comment and share with your friends, family and followers. Ciao! ๐Ÿ’‹

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