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The Girls In The Snow (Nikki Hunt Book 1) by Stacey Green

Hello guys. I’m back with another Thriller book. I read this book early this year but I totally forgot to review! Don’t forget to link, comment and share with your followers.

Title The Girls In The Snow

Author Stacey Green

Book Series Nikki Hunt #1

Pages 347

Published October 19 2020

Publisher Bookouture


In the remote forests of Stillwater, Minnesota, you can scream for days and no one will hear you. So when the bodies of two fifteen-year-old girls are discovered frozen in the snow, Special Agent Nikki Hunt is sure the killer is local: someone knew where to hide them and thought they’d never be found.

Home for the first time in twenty years, Nikki sees that the whole town had been frantically searching for missing best friends Madison and Kaylee, and when she finds out who Madison’s step-father is, she becomes desperate to lead the case. John was once the person she trusted most in the world, who stood by her when she was just sixteen and her parents were murdered. Who supported her when she identified their killer, Mark Todd.

But when Nikki arrives at the Sheriff’s office, she’s confronted by protesters eager to see Mark freed. With new evidence that could clear his name, Mark has appealed his conviction and his brother Rory begs Nikki to take a look at what they’ve found.

Nikki knows she must focus on the killer at large, but Rory makes her wonder if she put her trust in the right people all those years ago. Are Madison and Kaylee’s deaths connected to her parents’ murders? And can she face up to her past before another life is taken?

This was a fast paced book, I must say very similiar to the detective books I’ve read but intriguing nonetheless. It follows Detective Nikki Hunt in her quest to find the murderer of two missing best friends who were found frozen in the snow.⁣⁣
The detective has to deal with her own emotions as she’s here for the first time in 20 years! And to top it off, her past comes crawling back at her. After her parents murder 20 years ago, all she wanted was to leave and never turn back. She had achieved that all right, becoming a top detective and doing what she loves best, but now things are about to change.⁣⁣

After finding out the stepfather of the murdered girls was her boyfriend all those years ago, she has to decide whether to continue with the case or not.⁣⁣
The case leads to her finding out about her own past and the real truth about her parent’s murder. Could an innocent man have been behind bars for almost 20 years? Lots of suspense, betrayal and a whole lot of truth coming to light in this fast paced action thriller.⁣⁣

Massive thanks to Netgalley, Bookouture and the author for this arc copy.

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