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I Play One On TV by Alan Orloff

Qᴏᴛᴅ: ᴀɴʏ ʙᴏᴏᴋ ᴛʜᴀᴛ ʜᴀs ᴀʟᴡᴀʏs sᴛᴜᴄᴋ ᴡɪᴛʜ ʏᴏᴜ?

TITLE: I Play One On TV

AUTHOR: Alan Orloff

GENRE: Fiction, Mystery

PAGES: 290

PUBLISHED: July 19th 2021

PUBLISHER: Down & Out Books


All’s great for sixteen-year-old actor Dalton Black as he portrays a teen killer on a crime reenactment show. That is, until he realizes someone is stalking him. When that someone turns out to be Homer Lee Varney, the man convicted of the murder, things take a dark turn, and Dalton is afraid for his life. What does Varney want? Some sort of twisted revenge? Or something even worse?

Can Dalton and his drama friends discover the truth, before they become the killer’s next victims? Stay tuned to find out!


This was a very good fast paced thriller. It follows Dalton Black, a teenage actor who plays the role of a killer on TV. Soon, he realizes that the  killer he played is stalking him. What does he want? Soon after, Dalton and his friends discover that the killer who was incarcerated and whom everyone thought to be guilty is actually innocent. Now, they team up with the guy in order to find out who the real killer is.

I love the characters especially Trinnie. That girl is a realll character 😂 i wish she ended up with Dalton though. They seemed really cool together. The novel is fast paced, the race to find the killer so perfectly written in Dalton’s perspective. I like how the characters were so normal and real, typical teenagers. And the addition of them being drama geeks was awesome.

Dalton’s parents were also quite  interesting, the dad so interested in Dalton being an actor and the mom, being a lawyer always so careful. The twist towards the middle was shocking – the guy who all this while I thought was the murderer was not! Like how is that even possible? A whole new suspect began to emerge but tbh i still kept my eyes on the original killer.

Really loved the twist at the end because the real killer never came to my mind. I’d be so thrilled if there was a book 2! I want to read more on Dalton, his acting career and his wonderful friends 😍

Thanks to Alan Orloff for this ARC copy.


Before Alan stepped off the corporate merry-go-round, he had an eclectic (some might say disjointed) career. As an engineer, he worked on nuclear submarines, supervised assembly workers in factories, facilitated technology transfer from the Star Wars program, and learned to stack washing machines three high in a warehouse with a forklift. He even started his own recycling and waste reduction newsletter business. Now he writes fiction.

His debut mystery, DIAMONDS FOR THE DEAD, was a finalist for the Best First Novel Agatha Award. He writes the Last Laff Mystery Series: KILLER ROUTINE (#1) and DEADLY CAMPAIGN (#2), and has three e-book originals, THE TASTE (horror/thriller), FIRST TIME KILLER (thriller), and RIDE-ALONG (suspense).

He wrote the thrillers RUNNING FROM THE PAST and PRAY FOR THE INNOCENT (winner of the ITW Thriller Award for Best E-Book Original).

His novel, I KNOW WHERE YOU SLEEP is a Shamus Award finalist for Best First P.I. Novel.

His short fiction has appeared in numerous publications, including JEWISH NOIR, Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, CHESAPEAKE CRIMES: STORM WARNING, Mystery Weekly, NOIR AT THE SALAD BAR, Black Cat Mystery Magazine, five consecutive issues of the BEST NEW ENGLAND CRIME STORIES, THE NIGHT OF THE FLOOD, MICKEY FINN, and MYSTERY MOST GEOGRAPHICAL.

His story, “Rule Number One” (SNOWBOUND, Level Best Books), was selected for the 2018 edition of THE BEST AMERICAN MYSTERY STORIES anthology, edited by Louise Penny.

His story, “Dying in Dokesville,” won a Derringer Award, and his story “Rent Due,” is an ITW Thriller Award finalist.

Alan recently moved to South Florida. He loves cake and arugula, but not together.

For more info, please visit his website:


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