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Many Punctured Wings (Thin Skin #1) by Nicolette Beebe

Qotd: What’re your plans for the new year?

πŸ’­ Hello guys! How’re you doing? For me, I don’t have any plans for the New Year. New year resolutions and all that, not anymore. I’ve realized they don’t work out for me most of the time. So I’ll just keep doing what I do, try to add new stuff and well, that’s it.

Today I’m reviewing a book I read few months ago. I don’t know if you guys have heard of this, or read it before, but if you haven’t, I highly recommend you do! It’s a mixture of some sizzling emotions, hot romance, heartstopping suspense and hilarious dialogues.

Title: Many Punctured Wings

Author: Nicolette Beebe

Genre: Romance, Thriller

Published: September 28 2021


 The unfinished threat lingers in Alice Everton’s mind with toxicity. 

“If you ever touch another man…”

Seth bruises more than just Alice’s skin to keep her to himself, forcing her to keep men at arm’s length. But, when Alice meets her charming crush of seven years, Jake Taylor, her fear turns deadly.

With Jake, she forgets. With Jake, she is strong. And, that makes Seth livid. When Seth’s wrath rains down on those she loves, she takes him on a wild chase to end the war, leaving no trail for Jake to follow.

The hunt for Alice begins.

This is the first book by the author Nicolette Beebe that I’ve read and it was fantastic. It’s a really interesting romance thriller filled with suspense, mystery, and touches of paranormal.

I adore the main characters – Alice and Jake. They pair up so good. How they first met was totally adorable. It sure reminded me of someone. Their characters are totally relatable and I loved the hilarious dialogues.

Even though they had to fight for their love, because yeah, when you love someone that’s what you do. You fight and never give up. It was quite sad as well, reading about her trauma and how she struggled with it and the many phases she went through. The chapters were full of suspense, and the ending was just shocking! I can’t wait for book 2.

About The Author

Nicolette is a Bay Area author of dark, sweeping romances with captivating sexual tension who lives and breathes storytelling. Outside of the all-consuming obsession to write, she is in love with being a full-service editor. She taught the fourth grade for five years, and is now a part-time substitute. During downtime, she enjoys knitting and crocheting while watching video game playthroughs with her hubby and fur baby.

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