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The Daughter’s Choice by S. D. Robertson

Hello guys. I’m back with a new book review. Much thanks to Netgalley, the publishers and the author for the arc copy of this book.

Title: The Daughter’s Choice

Author: S. D. Robertson


Published: September 30th, 2021


The exciting new novel from the bestselling author of My Sister’s Lies.

Is her whole life built on a lie?

Rose has always been close to her father. Her mother died soon after she was born, so it’s been just the two of them for as long as she can remember.

But a chance encounter days before she’s due to get married leaves Rose questioning everything she has ever known.

The man she trusts most in the world has been keeping a secret from her.

And the truth will leave her with an impossible choice…

An emotional family drama about the secrets we keep from those closest to us, perfect for fans of Jodi Picoult and Susan Lewis.

A tale of love, loss, longing and above all, family.

Rosa is a giddy 22 year old about to become a Mrs in a week time. In a bid to have her little vacation before the wedding, she takes a spa treatment in the hotel she’s staying. There, she meets a mysterious lady and they begin talking. Rosa tells the lady her story and the lady does the same. Only, the lady, who is called Catty tells Rose a story that shatters her, destroying her and leaving her feeling empty. The woman whom she had thought was dead is very much alive. How can that be? How has she been lied to all this time?

I love the characters and how they carried themselves from the start. Dave is my fav. That man is a gem. Adorable, full of goodness and tbh I think he’s too good for this world. Bringing up Rose on his own is marvelous and strikingly wonderful. I like Catty too but I still got angry at her when I realised what she had done all those years ago. I think it’s unforgivable but her coming back means something. At least she had realized she was wrong. Though her childhood and of course, her selfishness played an important role in her decision.

Rose has indeed grown to be quite a peculiar young lady, full of life and very jovial. Her friendship with Cara is very nice, likewise with her Grandma and cousins. I believe she is the victim in all this. Worst was finding out that her boyfriend was nothing but a disgusting thing. I’m glad she finally got rid of him.

This was a very entertaining drama full of shocks and twists with a family dynamic in the centre of it all. If you are a fan of Drama, or Suspense, then this book is for you.


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