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The Virtuous Woman by Zaynab Alkali

Hello guys. HAPPY NEW YEAR! What’re your anticipated reads this year?

Title: The Virtuous Woman

Author: Zaynab Alkali

Genre: Drama

This is the book that got me into reading and writing. I first read it during my secondary school days, I remember finishing it in about an hour or so. It left me feeling like I couldn’t read another book as good as it for a long time. It amazed me and since then I’ve read it every year.

It follows the life of Nana Ai, a young girl in a little village in Northern Nigeria. She gets accepted into a prestigious girl’s college in a big town. Together with two acquaintances who are also similar in age to her and have been accepted into the college as well, they travel to the far away school.

The whole journey is very exciting and full of suspense. The three girls vary in character and they get to see new faces and establish new friendships. I love books that are about journeys because there’s always a sense of the unknown, anything can happen. From a drama, it could turn into a horror fest, or something to do with betrayals or whatnot.

I like Nana’s character, it’s so relatable. She’s shy, kind and I believe she battles with anxiety especially around people. And very matured for her age. Very opposite to her friend, Laila and the childish Hajjo. The three girls started off as acquaintances but soon became friends. Being young, they feel free and so full of life. Things can change in an instant and that is so obvious in the accident they had. Some of the friends they made there were gone as if they never lived. This was really heartbreaking.

I love the setting, the narrative used and the very carefully thought out plot. It made for quite a dramatic book layered with suspense and a bit of romance.


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