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The Parents by Claire Seeber

Title: The Parents

Author: Claire Seeber

Genre: Drama, Fiction, Thriller, Mystery

Published: Bookouture

Publisher: October 25th, 2021


The other parents all seem so perfect. But it’s not long before I realise: I should have never made friends with them…

I knew it wouldn’t be easy for my kids to adjust when we moved to a tiny village where they didn’t know a soul. But after the death of my husband, we needed a fresh start.

Suddenly, we’re outsiders. I know the only way we’ll be accepted is if I throw myself into my new life, so when my son joins a local club, I volunteer to help along with the other parents.

Before moving here, I didn’t know people like this really existed; their lives seem too perfect to be real. Although my own life couldn’t be more different, they welcome me into the fold. For the first time since my husband died, I feel like I made the right decision for my family…

That is until I overhear something that tells me these other parents aren’t as perfect as they seem. Something that turns my world upside down again.

My secret has already ruined my life once. I thought the truth had died with my husband… I should have known that it wouldn’t be buried for long.

A completely addictive page-turner about the secrets and lies hiding beneath seemingly perfect lives. Fans of Big Little Lies, Lisa Jewell and Louise Candlish will be absolutely hooked by this pacey read with a jaw-dropping twist you just won’t see coming.

This was one heck of a book. MINDBLOWING, ADDICTIVE, FULL OF SUSPENSE.

The parents follows the lives of a group of families in a county in Kent. Almost all of them have recruited one or two of their sons in the neighborhoods’ under 14 football team. A new lady arrives with her two children and is persuaded by the mothers to put her son in the team as well. She complies thinking there can be no harm in doing that. Only, something sinister starts to occur. An anonymous source begins to expose the dirty secrets of the parents. What looks like a happy neighborhood soon turns out to be totally different from what it looks to be.

I throughly enjoyed reading this. It was full of suspense, mysterious and kept me guessing. There are quite a lot of characters so it can be hard to keep up with them. But the two main characters – Alex and Pattie are very easy to understand. My favorite is Pattie. From the beginning, I felt she was the one trying to bring solutions to their never ending conflicts in the team. She is an awesome character and when he secret was exposed, I felt for her.
The talk of witches around the town only made it more intriguing. I love books full of suspense and this tops it all. Highly recommend.

Thanks a lot to Netgalley, Bookouture and the author for the arc copy of The Parents.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


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