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Hola amores! Soo I just discovered the world of Bookish tags which are awesome and interesting. This is gonna be the first of many tags you’ll find on here.

I first saw this tag from Sophie’s page. Check out her blog!

Let’s get into the tag!

Read on the bed or the couch?

I love both actually. Though these days my bed is my favourite place to read. It’s much more comfortable for me.

Read at night or in the morning?

Both! I read every time actually. I go everywhere with a book, so I read at any time. I prefer reading at night though. It has a different vibe to it. Except when I’m reading Horror of courseπŸ˜‚

Male main character or female main character?

Female characters. Both are amazing when plotted in the right way but there’s something about female main characters showing strength, courage and confidence. Somehow, I end up reading more female characters too. Not that I choose when I’m reading but well, that’s just the way it is. 😁

First person POV or third person POV?

Either one. I end up reading books with more Third Person POV, I think. As a writer, I understand how hard it is to write in first Person even though it gives the reader more insight on the character’s feelings and thought. Both make interesting books tbh.

Trilogies or quartets?

Trilogies. I feel most books (at least the ones I read) lose their touch after the second book. So to continue into the fourth book is sorta lame. Except if the author brings in new intrigues. if not, just 3 books is enough!

Libraries or bookstore?

I adore both. They both have their uses. Sometimes I need to borrow books other times I need to buy them. πŸ˜€

Books that make you laugh or cry?

Books that make me laugh. I want to laugh my sorrows away! πŸ˜‚I love emotional books too especially those that have a deep meaning to them. A good example is The Company She Keeps by One of my best 2020 reads. OMG. That book is a MUST READ! It’s so emotional, I cried a LOT! But I hold it dear to my heart.

Black book covers or white book covers?

Both. The beauty of a cover depends on the fonts, typography, pictures used not just on the colour.

Character-driven or plot-driven? 

Character-driven! The plot just helps bring out the book. But an intriguing character makes me decide whether to continue reading or not.

…Aaaand that’s it! Thank you guys for taking your time to read this. Feel free to do this tag as well.



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