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Movie Review: In The Arms Of An Assasin/Killing Sarai

Hii guys. This is my first movie review. I’m so excited. Have you guys watched this? What did you think of it?

“All that I’m sure of is that I’m alive because of Victor… Cold-blooded murderer-for-hire or not, he saved my life.

This movie was actually a book! Killing Sarai by J. A. Redmerski. Ive never heard of the author nor read the book actually. I was quite a bit surprised when i discovered it was a book. But honestly, the plot looks like a book. It reminded me of those wattpad books i enjoy reading but see as cliche now.

IT has a wide array of cast including this hunk, William Levy. OMG. He’s so dreamy. Breathtaking.

William Levy plays the character of Victor Faust, an assasin who was raised to do one thing: Kill for Money. From the first scene, he arrives at a mafia don mansion where he sets up a contact with the boss, Guzman. On his way out, this girl suddenly points a gun to his head and orders him to drive. (¿Qué?) I know right! Well, he does. I mean, he doesn’t want his head blown up, of course. As they drive, he realises this girl is a captive of Guzman and he formultes his own plan in his head.

This girl Sarai, is a captive of Don Guzman who has been humiliated ans has endured way too many in his hands. She has seen way too much crime and all she wants is to leave. With the help of Victor, they conconct a plan. Now, Sarai is in a hard position. She can’t go back to the bloodthirsty Don. But can she truly trust Victor? A cold blooded killer. She doesn’t have much of a choice, anyway. He’s now her only hope for survival.

Look at that face. Mamma mia!

I love love love Victor! He’s smart, He knows what he’s doing. Calculative, efficient, tough, y por supuesto, muy lindo 😍. Though deep down, I feel he’s not so bad. He’s trying to help Sarai, even though he has a job to perform, and he’s kinda confused.

To be honest, movie wise, the movie is very cliche. It has a lot of plot holes, and some half understood subjects. for instance, THE ORDER. We don’t have a proper backgound on whatever they are supposed to be. All of a sudden, we see Victor talking about them to his brother.

This is a movie I recommend for all the mystery lovers and Willam Levy Fans. BTW, He’s currently filming a new show with Carmen Villalobos titled “Cafe With An Aroma Of Woman.” Can’t wait!


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