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I wish I could turn back time

To when I was the most happiest

Just by seeing your name #hiswordisgold

Or your profile picture

My heart would speed up

Those were my happiest moments

From Facebook to Instagram to Twitter to WhatsApp to Telegram

Talking to you became my world

Something I never did

I don’t know how it happened

But you became my friend, my confidant, my best friend

To my love


I know a lot has happened

But it’s never too late

Love is all about sacrifice and compromise

No one is perfect

And I love you so much with all your imperfections

I wish we could put everything behind us

And start again

This time with full conviction that it would work

You used to say Our Love Is Forever

What changed???

For me, nothing

I would do anything for you

You are my everything

La Vie San Toi : Je Ne Sais Pas


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