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Rose: Future Heart

qotd: What’s one thing you can’t live without?

Title: Rose: Future Heart

Author: Jazalyn

Genre: Poetry

Year: 2020


A beautiful and charismatic but blowsy and lonely rose faces external turbulences and internal battles of life and love, but She overcomes them filtering the positiveness and the negativeness, and She becomes the future heart deep down inside She always was.


β€œThis rose Is me: The future heart I always had.”

This was a very incredible poem. It discusses on love, and the feeling of loss. I loved the poems in it that discussed on how to deal with negativities in life.

It is easy to read and understand, the stanzas each connecting with the next in a smooth manner.

Moreover, the author uses this poem to express the emotions that are harbouring deep inside of her. This was a great read for me, I finished in two days and totally enjoyed the whole dark poetry touch of it all.


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