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The Evidence by K. L. Slater

Hola! Buenos dΓ­as. What're you guys upto? Do you enjoy books with a plot twist? The kind that'll make you perched up on the edge of your seat? Then look no further! I have just the perfect book for you! Read on and thank me later. Don't forget to like and comment in the comments… Continue reading The Evidence by K. L. Slater

Book Reviews, Books πŸ’œ

Ruthless Girl by Emma Tallon @bookouture #Netgalley #EmmaTallon

Qotd: Which book depicts your current state of mind? πŸ’­ I'd say The Secret by Debbie Howells is the perfect example of how I feel currently. But well, everything shall come to pass. And things will get better InshaAllah. Title: Ruthless Girl Author: Emma Tallon Genre: Action, Action-Thriller Published: 29 October 2020 Publisher: Bookouture Blurb… Continue reading Ruthless Girl by Emma Tallon @bookouture #Netgalley #EmmaTallon