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The Stillborn by Zaynab Alkali

Title: The Stillborn Author: Zaynab Alkali Genre: African Literature, Drama, Family Drama BLURB This novel is centred around the experiences of women in contemporary Nigeria. It follows the adolescent plans and dreams of Li as she struggles for independence against the traditional values of her family home, marriage and the lure of the city and… Continue reading The Stillborn by Zaynab Alkali

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The Virtuous Woman by Zaynab Alkali

Hello guys. HAPPY NEW YEAR! What're your anticipated reads this year? Title: The Virtuous Woman Author: Zaynab Alkali Genre: Drama This is the book that got me into reading and writing. I first read it during my secondary school days, I remember finishing it in about an hour or so. It left me feeling like… Continue reading The Virtuous Woman by Zaynab Alkali