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My Little Girl by Shalini Boland

Title: My Little Girl

Genre: Psychological Thriller, Mystery, Suspense

Publisher: Bookouture

Published: 12 April 2021


Your daughter is missing. Did someone close to you take her?

Seven-year-old Beatrice has gone missing. Her mother Claire’s whole world has been turned upside down in just one moment and she can’t stop shaking. She’s desperate to find her precious daughter, but nothing about the day she disappeared makes sense…

The mother-in-law: Jill was meant to be looking after Beatrice. She says she didn’t take her eyes off the little girl but her version of events doesn’t add up… Claire has never got on with her, so why should she trust her now?

The husband: He should have been with their only child. Instead, he changed the plans without telling Claire. She didn’t think there were any secrets between them, but maybe she was wrong?

The first wife: Laurel has always been jealous of Claire’s family. Has her husband’s ex-wife taken her daughter?

Which one of them is lying? And who really knows where Beatrice is?

From the million-copy bestselling author, this totally addictive psychological thriller will keep you guessing all the way to the final shocking twist. Perfect for fans of The Girl on the Train, Gone Girl and The Wife Between Us.

The book started happily with this cool family that looked so cute. A wonderful grandma Jill, out at the fair with her granddaughter Bea and Bea’s little friend as well. Everything was explained in detail, and i got to start liking grandma Jill. Bea is totally adorable and cute to begin with. I was taken aback when it all turned upside down. In the midst of people in the park, Bea disappears. Vanishes into thin air. The search for her begins.

I like how the author opened this perfect family dynamic. As each chapter progressed, their problems increase. Jill apparently is not on good terms with her daughter in law, Claire.

I sympathized with Jill a lot, as being in her situation must have been horrible. Everyone seems to put the blame on her. Poor woman was just trying to have a regular outing with her granddaughter. The disappearance alone is enough to drive her out of her mind, but everyone seems to put the blame on her! I’d say she’s a tough lady, even though there were times she couldn’t take it anymore.

As for Claire, she comes out as sort of a controlling lady especially at the beginning. I disliked her attitude towards Jill, it felt terrible. That was before i came to realise that Claire is not as harsh as she seems. I began to understand her then. She’s a mother blaming someone else for her daughter’s disapperance because in a way she feels responsible. Even though she couldn’t have known what could happen, to her, it still feels like she could have avoided it. If only grandma Jill didn’t take her sweet Little bea with her.

As with every thriller, this was quite full of suspense. And has the usual whodunnit. In this case, who kidnapped Bea. I had a bunch of guesses, all of whom were not the kidnapper. At a certain point towards the end, I realised who the kidnapper was even though I didn’t want to believe, it just seemed credible. And i truly wished the whole family opened their eyes sooner. Maybe this whole mess wouldn’t have happened in the first place. The one person whom they never suspected, who was with them through it all turned out to be a monster.

Finally, I was just so glad that Bea was safe and back home at the end. This whole ordeal also brought a tremendous change in Jill and Claire’s relationship. They understood each other better and realized they didn’t give each other a chance before. The ending was completely out of this world! It gave a very chill vibe and i think there might be a sequel soon!

Much thanks to Netgalley, Bookouture and Shalini Boland for this ARC copy. I enjoyed reading it.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know in the comment section below what you think of it!

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