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A Most Read For Every Reader, Blogger and Writer

Are you a reader, a book blogger or an aspiring writer? Then this post is for you! So i just discovered this awesome site called Kindlepreneur. Kindlepreneur is coined from the name Kindle and Enterpreneur. It is basically a website that was created to help writers sell more book efficiently and effectively. On the website,… Continue reading A Most Read For Every Reader, Blogger and Writer


Survival : Prologue

I felt the sweat dripping down my lower back. The room was suddenly burning with heat. I felt a movement near me and I shrieked. I almost screamed when I heard a voice. A familiar one. I had forgotten I wasn’t alone. “We are all going to die,” She sobbed. From the small cut on… Continue reading Survival : Prologue


New Book Alert! #bookish

Hello bibliophiles! This is my first post on this blog and I’m so excited to welcome you all. My first book Survival, which I’m in the process of editing, before I publish on Amazon is almost ready! Today I’ll share the blurb, and some quotes. Happy Reading! BLURB Camping is supposed to be a sweet,… Continue reading New Book Alert! #bookish