Survival : Prologue

I felt the sweat dripping down my lower back. The room was suddenly burning with heat. I felt a movement near me and I shrieked. I almost screamed when I heard a voice. A familiar one. I had forgotten I wasn’t alone. “We are all going to die,” She sobbed. From the small cut on… Continue reading Survival : Prologue

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Book Review: FINAL GIRLS by Riley Sager

Happy Wednesday, guys. Hope you all have a productive day. Today's review is on the widely acclaimed bestseller, Final Girls by Riley Sager. Title: Final Girls Author: Riley Sager Genre: Mystery/Thriller Pages: 352 pp. Publisher: Penguin Publishing Rating: **** Summary: Ten years ago, college student Quincy Carpenter went on vacation with five friends and came… Continue reading Book Review: FINAL GIRLS by Riley Sager